As the situation with Coronavirus continues to unfold, the measures of caution recommended by church and public health authorities have increased dramatically.

As such, I have made the decision to suspend all public worship and gatherings for the next two weeks. While I do not want to contribute to an undue hysteria during this time, I feel a heavy burden to do everything in my power to keep our people safe and healthy. There are some in our church who will isolate out of a sense of precaution, and there are others who will come no matter what whenever the doors are open. That is normally something to celebrate…and I do! But during this time I feel that an abundance of caution is the wisest way forward for us.

This does not mean that St. Stephen’s is not functioning. In fact, the Sunday Holy Communion will be celebrated here at 9am with me and one other assistant. This will include all the prayers, readings, and sermon, and will be streamed live on our Youtube channel and Facebook page. You are encouraged to tune in at that time with your family, or later if that is more convenient. Instructions on how to tune in will be coming tomorrow.

You can read more in a more lengthy pastoral message here but I wanted to communicate right away that we are suspending all public gathering and services, including Stations of the Cross, for the next two weeks at least.

Be blessed and be safe,

Fr Ron+


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