Our Vision

To be a space for people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

To love God and others and to proclaim by word and deed the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Values

  • Worship. True worship is the offering of ourselves – our souls and bodies – to God. In our liturgy and music, we strive to create an atmosphere conducive to that offering.
  • Biblical formation. Biblical formation is the shaping of our minds and hearts to be in conformity with God’s revelation of Himself in the Holy Scriptures, our supreme authority in matters of faith and practice. Our preaching and teaching strives to facilitate this formation.
  • Prayerfulness. Prayerfulness means recognizing that apart from Christ, we can do nothing – so that prayer permeates every aspect of our life as a congregation, as a means of deepening our relationship with God, caring for one another, and obtaining what we need to fulfill God’s purposes for us.
  • Tradition. We are the recipients of an unchanging faith that has been handed down from Christ and the Apostles, as well as a tradition of parish life by those who have gone before us. We honor this local heritage and hold it with gratitude, while remaining open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • Generosity. As our blessings come from God and are entrusted to us as stewards, we value the free giving of our time, talent, and treasure to glorify God, build his Church, and love our neighbors.
  • Community. We are not isolated individuals, but a body of believers who value the time we spend together to worship, pray, work, and play.
  • Hospitality. We receive every guest as Christ, and seek to welcome those who come to us with openness and honor.
  • Service. We value service as a practical outworking of love for our neighbors, commanded by our Lord, and as a means of fellowship with one another.