This week is the holiest of weeks for the Christian community. I understand and share the deep disappointment that we can’t enter into the prayer and worship of this week as a gathered community. But we are still a family and we are still part of the body of Christ! So here is the schedule of our live streams for Holy Week, which can be accessed on our Facebook page.
  • Maundy Thursday: Liturgy of the Lord’s Supper and Stripping of the Altar at 6 p.m.
  • Good Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, Solemn Prayers, and Veneration of the Cross at 6 p.m. Bishop Ryan Reed will be joining us for this live stream!
  • Holy Saturday: Liturgy of the Word at 12 noon. We will not observe the Great Vigil on Saturday night this year.
  • Easter Sunday: Festive Holy Eucharist at 9 a.m.
Some ideas for you and your family to enter more deeply into Holy Week:
  • On Maundy Thursday: Wash each other’s feet at home during the liturgy or at some other convenient time. It is a powerful reminder of our Lord’s humility and service. Following the liturgy, we will live stream at the Altar of Repose for one hour. Sit in quietness with Our Lord in the garden and pray for the world in this difficult time. The stream will archive as well, so you can keep your holy time at the Altar at any time that night! Pray through some of the psalms or read through the gospels that tell the wonderful story of Jesus!
  • On Good Friday: Fast for a portion of the day. Denying ourselves is a powerful reminder of the denial of self and embrace of suffering that our Lord took upon himself on the Cross…for us. Have a cross handy that evening to venerate with a kiss at the appropriate time during the service.
  • On Holy Saturday: As Jesus rested from the work of redemption as he lay buried in the tomb, keep a Sabbath of your own and rest from all unnecessary work or activity.
  • On Easter Sunday:¬†Decorate the outside of your home to let others know you are follower of Jesus Christ and are celebrating his resurrection from the dead! Let people know through your social media contacts about the offerings available on St. Stephen’s page. This is a great opportunity for evangelism!
I will be in touch several times throughout the week with more ideas and resources. As always, remember to check up on one another…especially those who may not have anyone to check up on them. Continue to pray for God’s deliverance from this global time of trial. I love you all and cannot wait until we can gather together again around the Lord’s Table in one place!
Fr Ron+

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