Blessing of the Pets 2013

What a marvelous turnout for our annual celebration of St. Francis of Assisi in the blessing of our pets.

We are thankful to our friends at Summerfield Animal Hospital for bringing their mobile clinic and to all who brought their  furry family members to receive a blessing from our rector, Father Ron Drummond.


DSC01411_1384181026502 DSC01412_1384181026509 DSC01413_1384181026510 DSC01414_1384181026511 DSC01417_1384181026514 DSC01418_1384181026515 DSC01420_1384181026517 DSC01422_1384181026522 DSC01426_1384181026527 DSC01430_1384181026531 DSC01431_1384181026532 DSC01433_1384181026535 DSC01435_1384181026537 DSC01436_1384181026538

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